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"The Club of 369 stands as a cornerstone of innovation for the retail industry, integrating profound strategic insight and dynamic collaboration across our comprehensive matrix of chapters and committees. Our aim is to continuously drive the retail sector forward, adapting to changes and setting trends that not only meet but exceed the current and future needs of the market.

Join us in shaping the future of retail, where your contributions will transform industry practices and elevate your professional journey.”

Casper Haring CEO European Conferences United

Establishing the Cornerstone of Excellence

Launched with an inspiring address by Lech Wałęsa—Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President of Poland—at the CEO pre-conference dinner in May 2023, the Club of 369 has quickly become the strategic core of the Poland & CEE Retail Summit. Named for the numbers 3, 6, and 9 due to their mystical and numerological significance, the club originally set an ambitious goal to feature at least 369 speakers and panelists. This target was not only met but exceeded at the 2024 summit, which showcased over 400 speakers and panelists, symbolizing the club's commitment to fostering extensive and comprehensive dialogue within the retail sector.Now in its second year, the Club of 369 is evolving into a more significant entity, serving as a pivotal platform that drives innovation, shapes industry trends, and enhances professional development across the CEE retail landscape.

Explore Our Robust Advisory Committees
The Club of 369 thrives through a strategic matrix structure, particularly highlighted by our network of 30+ advisory committees. These committees are pivotal in steering the retail industry, each targeting key strategic areas to ensure our summit and ongoing initiatives are both groundbreaking and aligned with global market dynamics.

Key Committee Focus Areas Include:

  • Strategy and Market Orientation: From global market entries to partnership management.
  • Financial and Compliance Management: Covering everything from investment opportunities to data security.
  • Technology and Digital Innovation: Advancing retail through digital transformation and AI integration.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: Optimizing logistics and embracing quick commerce solutions.
  • Product and Category Management: Managing product assortments and driving brand strategies.
  • Customer Engagement and Insights: Enhancing customer loyalty and harnessing consumer analytics.
  • ESG & Sustainability: Integrating sustainable practices across all business operations.
  • Innovation and Market Trends: Developing new retail formats like pop-ups and virtual shopping, and ensuring diversity and inclusion within retail organizations.

For a list of our esteemed Advisory Committee members, please visit our Advisory Committees page on the Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2025 website.

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Dive into the roles and contributions within the Club of 369, where our members shape the retail industry’s future through strategic advisory committees and visionary leadership. Learn how our exclusive community collaborates to drive innovation at the Poland & CEE Retail Summit and beyond.

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