Explore the Benefits of Joining the Club of 369
As a contributor to the Club of 369, you are positioned at the very heart of retail innovation, actively setting strategies and engaging in discussions that not only shape the future of the industry but also propel your own professional growth and the advancement of your organization.

How Club Contributors Can Elevate Their Impact and Growth:

1. Networking Opportunities: Contributors gain access to an elite network of industry leaders, innovators, and peers across the retail and CPG industries. This network is invaluable for sharing insights, forging partnerships, and exploring new business opportunities. Networking events like the Dinners2Connect are specifically designed to facilitate meaningful connections that can lead to collaborative projects and mutual growth.

2. Influence on Industry Trends: By participating in the Club of 369, contributors have a direct hand in shaping the content and themes of the Poland & CEE Retail Summit. This influence allows them to steer discussions on emerging trends, ensuring that the summit remains at the forefront of the industry’s evolution and effectively addresses the most pressing challenges and opportunities.

3. Professional Recognition and Credibility: Being a part of such a prestigious group enhances personal and organizational branding. Contributors are recognized as thought leaders, which elevates their professional status within the retail community and beyond. This recognition can open doors to speaking engagements, consultant roles, and other positions of influence.

4. Access to Cutting-Edge Insights and Practices: Contributors are privy to the latest research, trends, and strategies discussed within the Club’s advisory committees. This access allows them to implement innovative practices and technologies within their organizations ahead of the curve, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

5. Development of Leadership and Expertise: Engaging with complex topics and diverse experts helps contributors refine their leadership skills and deepen their expertise. The collaborative environment encourages the exchange of ideas and strategies, fostering personal and professional development.

6. Impact on Organizational Strategy: By bringing back insights, innovative ideas, and industry forecasts from the Club, contributors can influence the strategic direction of their own organizations. This can lead to more informed decision-making processes and better alignment with industry advancements.

7. Catalyst for Innovation: The Club’s focus on forward-thinking and transformation encourages contributors to think outside the box and bring innovative solutions to their work. The collaborative projects and discussions often inspire new products, services, and business models that can be transformative for the retail sector.

"By participating in the Club of 369, contributors not only contribute to the advancement of the retail industry but also enhance their own careers and organizations, making it a mutually beneficial experience. This dynamic exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices is what keeps the Club at the pinnacle of retail leadership and innovation"

Casper Haring CEO European Conferences United

Vision for the Future
Looking ahead, the Club of 369 aims to continue its legacy of innovation by driving the development of the retail sector and adapting to its dynamic changes. Contributors are crucial to this journey, providing the insights and leadership necessary to steer the industry forward.
Together with our dedicated contributors, we aim to develop and refine tools within the Club that equip our contributors to become inspirational leaders, enhancing their ability to drive change and influence within the retail industry.